Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of the ~spookiest~ day of the year (not really), I decided to get a little vampy. I'm not really a person to wear a lot of lip products, despite my huge desire to be. I can never find the right shade for me, and a lot of lipsticks tend to make my lips look dry and cracked, even though they're not! I finally found a brand of lip stain I really like and that works perfectly!

The Maybelline New York Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss! The one I have is in Mauve Dream 180.

The applicator is really nice as well! It's really easy to put on and feels so soft and smooth. Not to mention it has a slight sweet taste!

I apologize in advance for the selfies. I was feeling very adventurous and bold, so I needed to take note of that! I really love this color - it's dark without being too dark or scary. Definitely the perfect color and lip product for my ease into dark fall colors!

Looking pale in the sunlight like a vampire (hehe)
Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe and have a great day


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Keeping track of blogs I love and are interested in is hard work! So I made a Bloglovin' account, not entirely sure what it was, to keep track and be able to ensure I don't miss a post. 
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Welcome to Blogger

I've always been a Tumblr girl. I discovered Tumblr freshmen year of high school, a whopping four years ago, and it spread like wildflower. It was so easy to use, simple, and I liked that! But now that I'm maturing (a little), I thought it would be nice that my blogging platform matured a little, too.

Here's to a new future as a Blogger girl! I look forward to creating this blog and a place for me to share my college experiences, positive thoughts, and my favorite mantra of celebrating everything.


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