Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Easy Summer Leg (and Butt) Workout

Prioritizing time to workout can be a real struggle for me. Between work, blogging, my internship, and spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend, it can be hard! Thankfully I've put together some exercises that can be done almost anywhere (maybe not while shopping...) that focus on your legs and booty. I find myself always doing it - squats while bowling water for pasta, donkey kicks while watching tv. The possibilities are (almost) endless! Here's that little routine!

Easy Summer Leg Workout Routine

  • 25 squats
  • 30 donkey kicks per leg
  • 30 fire hydrants per leg
  • 30 leg lifts (while standing) per leg
  • 30 side leg lifts (while standing) per leg
  • 20 calf raises
Repeat 1-2 times!

Obviously this leg routine can be adapted to fit your own comfort and ability needs. Calf raises are perfect for that extra time you might have in the shower or while you brush your teeth! It's simple and super easy.

Do you have any go-to workout routines?

Monday, July 28, 2014


Cannon Beach, Oregon 2014

I am a sucker for a disposable camera. I love the little mystery of how the photos will turn out and getting them developed. Last year, I bought two and took a ton of photos with them, and never ended up getting them developed until this summer, along with two I bought this past year. I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos I took with you! It was such a nice surprise to rediscover some photos and stumble upon memories I had forgotten about. Enjoy!

Cannon Beach, Oregon 2014

Seattle 2014

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2014

Seattle 2014

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2014

Vancouver, BC 2014

Delta Tau Delta 2013

Delta Tau Delta 2013

Cannon Beach, Oregon 2014

Cannon Beach, Oregon 2014

Cannon Beach, Oregon 2014

Cannon Beach, Oregon 2014

University of Washington 2013
Are you a fan of disposables or film?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Big, Fat, Indian Wedding

I am a sucker for romance. Give me a love story and I guarantee I'll end up bawling (I'm also very emotional and cry when I'm really happy). I especially love weddings - who doesn't? In the past couple of months, a couple of Chris' family members have gotten married. I'm talking extended family: his mom's cousin's daughter and his mom's cousin. It's amazing how well all of his family keeps in touch!

Chris' comes from a family full of love, warmth, and celebration. They all absolutely love getting done up in their traditional Indian attire - which is stunning - and visit with one another at the biggest social events of the year. The details that go into some of the suits, frocks, and saris (the traditional wear for woman) is incredible and they're so beautiful. I love the fun colors and the amount of detail that goes into each piece. Chris' family has welcomed me as a part of their family years ago and continue to make me feel a part of them. Last week, Chris and I took a trip up to Canada with his parents for another wedding! I was lucky enough to go shopping and pick out my own frock to wear. I was so (and still am) excited to wear it to the wedding!

Anyways, here are some photos from the wedding. I love the pink color with the gold details! And of course, I paired it with my Jacks ;)


Monday, July 21, 2014

Tabletop Garden

Let me be real for a moment - I love plants. For years I have found comfort in tending to little plants, picking fruits and vegetables from the garden, and finding fun (and healthy) ways to incorporate fresh foods into my diet. It's so fun to take care of something and really see the progression in its growth. Since this blog is about celebrating all aspects of my life, I thought it would be nice to share some photos I snapped of my tabletop garden the other day. Though we have other plants growing in our yard (tomatoes, blueberries, cherries, plus many flowers and shrubs), these are the ones I'm growing myself. I have cilantro, beans, basil, and a cute little succulent. Eventually they will be translated into the ground (specifically the beans!), but for now, I present my tabletop garden

Do you have a fun little hobby of your own? Do you garden?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Tank - Hollister (similar)  ||  Bralette - Gilly Hicks (similar)  ||  Shorts - H&M  ||  Sandals - Jack Rogers  ||  Hat - UNC Student Store 

North Carolina has some serious heat that isn't quite the same in Seattle. Though the weather here in the PNW has been hot (in the upper 80s!), I began sweating just thinking about being in the sun all day in Raleigh. I'm not complaining - I love hot weather! The day my sister and I toured UNC, we also visited Duke. Knowing it would be hot, I decided to pair these super lightweight and adorable shorts with a basic tank and bralette. All the lightweight fabrics made walking through the campuses comfortable and the heat bearable! My Jacks were, of course, my sandal of choice. I also threw on this hat I bought for my dad from UNC, despite walking through Duke's campus (oops). 

I think we've all come to realize that H&M's website is seriously lacking. I can't find these shorts online anywhere, so I'm sharing some similar styles! They were only $12.95 and pretty great quality for the price, so I recommend scooping up a pair in stores while you can!

Shop similar:


Monday, July 14, 2014

Four Must Have Summer Dresses

1  ||  2  ||  3  ||  4

I am a sucker for a cute dress. Aren't we all? A well fitting and flattering dress is the easiest way to dress up, boost confidence, and show your fun side ;) Even though summer is halfway through and fall collections will soon be hitting the sales floors, I'm still in a summer state of mind (when am I not?) and am craving these dresses! Lauren James has so many great pieces, but this Livingston dress is A+. Other favorites, aside from the ones featured above, include this beautiful white and navy number, this palm leaf printed piece (featured on Caitlin's blog!), and this lovely lavender dress! Now that I'm back in Seattle, I'm going to definitely order myself one or two.

What dresses are you eyeing for this season? 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trend Watch: Crochet Shorts


Crochet shorts have been on my radar for awhile, ever since they first started popping up all over Pinterest and Wanelo during my senior year of high school. It's now over a year later, and I'm still swooning over them! I recently purchased a similar pair to these while in New York - blog post soon to come! - and love the bright orange color I bought them in. They are simple enough to wear to the pool or beach, but still nice enough to wear while going to lunch in the city. Mine are so comfortable and feel as though I'm wearing my Soffe shorts! Shop a few below:

What do you think about crochet shorts? Yay or nay?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Exploring the University of North Carolina

I've always considered UNC at Chapel Hill to be my fantasy school. I knew it was a school I wouldn't be able to attend because it's competitive, and I wouldn't want to be so far from home, but that doesn't mean I'm not absolutely in love. Not only is this school the best public university in the country for pursuing public health (which is my passion), it's the most beautiful college campus I've seen (sorry, University of Washington. You know you'll always be #1!). Though it's summer and there weren't many students on campus, I loved how I felt walking through the buildings and along the brick walkways. My uncle, a proud UNC alum (he wears Tarheels gear all the time!), toured my sister and I around the campus. It was fun to explore the school, especially with someone who loves the school so much. I'm seriously considering applying here for graduate school - fingers crossed!

Do you have a dream school?!

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