Monday, January 19, 2015

Everyday Makeup Products

If you didn't know, I love makeup. I don't own a hundred eyeshadow palettes or buy $35 foundation, but I do love applying my makeup and the way I look after. I mean, I think I look good before make up too, but I feel really great about myself after ;) Anyways, I'm a huge fan of drugstore products. Maybelline is apparently my favorite brand, but I also really like L'Oreal. These are my go-to daily makeup products:

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation This foundation has been a favorite of mine for years. It leaves my face looking dewy and soft without looking oily or cakey, and so buildable! I use about two pumps for my full face and to blend down into my neck (#nolines) and it's the perfect amount to last me all day.

COVERGIRL Professional Loose Powder Although this powder has a very medicated scent to it, it's a really great powder. It sets my foundation for the entire day and I don't have to worry about my skin looking funky!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze Eyeshadow bases like this (similar here) are my favorite. I'm all about a neutral eye, and this one is the perfect base for the perfect bronze look. 

Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner in Blackest Black Winged liner is my favorite eyeliner look. I can't wear it to work (I wish) so I wear it every other chance I get! Line Stiletto is just about the best eyeliner I've ever used for winged liner: there is so much control with the felt tip!

Bare Minerals Lash Domination This is a great mascara. I was skeptical of buying a mascara for over $10, so I opted for the smaller sampler size from Ulta - and I don't regret it. I love this mascara. It's dry enough that it emphasizes my lashes, but wet enough that it actually works and elongates my lashes. The size is great, too, especially if you're hesitant to buy a more expensive brand.

Inexpensive makeup doesn't have to be bad makeup - you can get a look just as nice as higher end products! Plus, there are always coupons and deals with drugstore products - who could pass that up?! What products are you using?


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How #LillyForTarget Opponents are Creating a Classist Culture

via LillyForTarget
We've all heard the news: Lilly Pulitzer is collaborating with Target (hence, #LillyForTarget). Who couldn't be excited about this? Our favorite feel-good brand and our favorite spend-more-than-intended store coming together? It sounds perfect! Well, unless you're a part of the group who believe this is a terrible move on Lilly's part and it will "taint Lilly" forever.

Here's the thing: this move will not taint Lilly and the brand's reputation. Despite the less expensive alternatives available at Target, people will still be purchasing the original line. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Lilly lover and wish I had even more, but my very small budget doesn't allow me to often splurge on the brand. I have a hard time justifying a dress that's over $250 and tank tops that start at $34 (I know I can get just as great basic tanks somewhere else for half the price). This collaboration will allow young girls, women, and those with less money be able to afford some limited edition Lilly items. Lilly Pulitzer was created through humility, hard work, and the notion of having fun (see screenshot below)! Not the idea that only those with enough money are "allowed" to wear the bright prints, as many young women are exclaiming. 

Lilly for Target will obviously carry less expensive items, which are carefully crafted specifically for the stores. I, as a Lilly shopper, wearer, and supporter, feel that the items will still carry that Lilly charm and won't be of low quality. I'm excited for the April launch and know I'll be picking up more than I need (like I said, Target does that to you). My only problem with Lilly for Target is the classist culture it has created around Lilly.

As I stated above, Lilly Pulitzer is built on having fun and life being a party where everyone is invited - see above! Yet, I keep reading all these judgmental comments that young women are making on the collaboration. People are saying that Lilly is "not for people living on that kind of budget", "sucks if you can't afford it but that's life" (a direct quote.... more here), and this collaboration is ruining the reputation of the brand. Excuse me? Is Lilly not for me, a 19 year old who works and pays for all of her own clothing? I could maybe buy two full priced dresses with one paycheck.... Does that mean I shouldn't be wearing it? Comments like that are creating a classist culture of "I can and you can't". Classism, like many other forms of prejudice, is a serious problem in the United States. Saying that people with less money shouldn't be wearing Lilly, a fun, bright, loving brand, is inappropriate and unnecessary, and saying that you won't want to wear any Lilly anymore because it's now available "for cheap" is creating a hierarchy of Lilly lovers. If you're wearing Lilly for status, then you're not wearing Lilly for the right reasons.

True Lilly lovers should be excited for this collaboration. It is allowing more people to join the Lilly world and brighten up their wardrobes and homes. Clothing and style is such a fun way to connect with others - I mean, look at all the style bloggers out there that you love. Don't you feel connected to them in a way? This line will build relationships and let more people feel that excitement that comes from drinking from a patterned cup or looking over at that Lilly frame with a fun memory inside. If that's not something to be excited about, then I'm not sure what is.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Creating a Better College Experience as a High School Senior

High school (omg - also, I'm wearing shorts)
College. I won't lie, I felt very bittersweet about moving away for my first year of school. I wasn't looking forward to my school (I've probably mentioned that a million times here) but I couldn't wait to start my college experience. Though nerve wracking, it was exciting, new, and a refreshing change. My first year wasn't terrible, but there were some ways I prepared for my year that really made transitioning into college and moving away a little easier and enjoyable (see making college easier during your first year here).
Freshman year of college
Get a job that you can work at while you're home for break  ||  Working retail can be a real pain, but it was nice to come home and work for Black Friday and the holiday season. It gave me enough money to use during the school year to buy myself dinner or coffee off campus with my friends!

Connect with students from your high school or area before going  ||  Transitioning to a university is extremely emotional and can be scary! Connect with someone in your area who's going to the same university as you (if you can) so you have someone to eat with in the dining hall and make you feel more comfortable those first couple of days. It really helped me - my roommate and I were high school friends and were able to help each other meet new people!

Start collecting dorm items early  ||  I had a few things I bought early so I wouldn't have to buy them later and worry about what I had! But you can also wait until mid-September, when dorm decor and furniture has been marked down to clearance!

Join interest clubs or community organizations to get an idea of what you'd like to major in  ||  This obviously is not a must, but it definitely helps. I went into college knowing what I want to do (work in healthcare and healthcare education), which made taking classes and creating a plan so much easier.

Have a few fun facts about yourself and conversation starters prepared  ||  It sounds silly, but trust me, this helps! I was involved in a handful of groups where fun facts were ice breakers and I was forced to chat with people I didn't know! Having a few facts in your back pocket (my older brother is 13 years older than me, and I have my library card number memorized!) and some conversation starters (my go to: what does your dream kitchen look like?) will seriously come in handy when you're meeting so many new people at once.

I hope this helps seniors out there prepare for their new journeys! Congrats on acceptance letters, and remember that rejection isn't the end of the world (trust me, I know). 
Share with me, where are you going?!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Ah, the true first celebration of the year: Lilly's After Party Sale. Living on the west coast, specifically the Pacific Northwest, my access to Lilly is extremely limited. There isn't a physical store in Washington that I can visit and shop, so I take great advantage when the After Party Sales come around. This morning I set my alarm to 4:55 am (#westcoastprobs) and sat up in bed shopping the sale. I panicked a little, as the site crashed right as I clicked "Secure Checkout" - scariest Lilly shopping moment! Luckily I was able to save my items and happily check out. Here's what I bought:

Corine T-Shirt Dress, Gigi V Neck Tank Top, Ember Shift Dress

I'm so excited about the dresses. I'm hoping that the Ember shift will come soon enough that I can wear it to Chris' formal this winter!  If not, definitely the spring formal. One item I'm pretty bummed out about is the Alene top - I tried putting it in my tote about a hundred times, but the site was crashed so I wasn't able to grab it. If you know anyone that has it in a small and would like to sell/trade, please let me know! 

Did you get anything from the sale?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: The Year of Self Celebration

{View this outfit here}
Let's start this bluntly: 2014 was not my year. There were a lot of amazing experiences, like visiting my aunt on the east coast, working full time, helping Chris move into a house, finishing my first year of college, and celebrating many birthdays, special occasions, and holidays, but I don't think this is going to be a year I look back on and admire. Even though it's just a different year and nothing is actually changing, I have hopes for 2015. I have attainable goals, plans, and many wants that I hope to accomplish and attain this year. My first goal: learn to be more loving of myself, understanding of my accomplishments, and feeling secure on my pride.

"Pride" is a strange word. I believe in humility and learning not to brag, but I also believe we should be proud of ourselves and give ourselves the recognition we deserve. Too often we are told not to "so full of yourself", hide our successes, and dismiss compliments, especially as young women. Pride is often associated with a negative connotation, often with being stubborn and full of oneself. Why? Why are we shamed for being proud of ourselves?

This year is about celebrating myself (remember, this blog is about celebrating everything). I think it's time I no longer dismiss compliments with phrases like "oh no way!" or by redirecting the conversation elsewhere. It's important for all of us to understand that accepting a compliment is both good and healthy. It's not saying "I think highly of myself" (which is okay, too) or "Yeah, I know." It's understanding that loving yourself and feeling good about yourself should be an everyday occurrence, not an occasional one. It's okay (and quite awesome!) to feel beautiful or hot and to acknowledge that. Take selfies (one of my 2015 goals: take more selfies), look at yourself in the mirror as much as you want, and smile! As silly as it sounds, taking selfies is not a bad thing - it's fun and makes you feel like an A+!

I'm also working on acknowledging my successes, skills, and personality traits. It's too easy to avoid acknowledging that yes, you are good at something. I'm good at my job - I have a lot of experience in retail, but I also really enjoy talking with customers and I have really great customer service skills. It took me a long time to realize and acknowledge that yeah, I am good at my job! I should feel good about that. Sharing how you are a great writer, are good at making small talk, can run a 6 minute mile, or have aced a really tough exam doesn't make you bossy, controlling, or conceited, words that are often used to describe women who understand their strengths. Its' time we destroy that idea and we become proud of who we are. 

Self love and becoming comfortable with yourself is an ongoing project. There will be days that we wake up feeling crummy, insecure, and need time to stay in bed with ourselves and Netflix, and that's understandable. There isn't anyone who wakes up every morning feeling 100% amazing about themselves. It's a battle that will never have one peak. But that's what this year is about: celebrating myself and knowing that working on my self love.


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