Friday, July 24, 2015

Favorite Body + Skin Products

I love skin care products. I'm not always buying new ones, but I have more lotions, cleansers, body washes, and fun luxuries than I really need (or use, oops). Recently I've been buying new items that I haven't used before and rediscovering classics that I'll always turn back to. I've rounded up my favorites to show you, but like I said, I love buying new products, so please let me know yours!

Bath bombs are everyone's favorite. A Lush recently opened in the mall I work at and I've already picked up four items... Oops. One includes this bath bomb, Dragon's Egg, which smells amazing. Honestly, you can't go wrong with any Lush bath bombs. They all smell incredible and all create this fizzy, creamy, silky bath water. My favorite bath bomb of all time is Sex Bomb, but I wanted to branch out and try new ones. I also really like many of their seasonal ones (around Christmas).

Another all time favorite product (or non-product?) of mine is coconut oil. You can find coconut oil at almost any grocery store, health food stores, etc. I've had jars from different brands, but I always get organic! Coconut oil does wonders. It melts at body temperature, so you have to be really careful when scooping some out to use. After I shower, I use coconut oil to moisturize my body, especially my feet! It's also a great facial moisturizer before bed (is that bad for your pillow cases?) because it get absorbed - plus it won't clog your pores! It's also great for hair masks, removing makeup, and cooking, but I keep my beauty and skin coconut oil separate from my cooking coconut oil.

I am a sucker for lotions. Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, and Lush are my go-to shops for moisturizers. Bath and Body Works caries an aromatherapy line that I'm obsessed with. Chris' mom bought me the Energy lotion in orange ginger because I loved hers so much, and it's amazing. I'm not sure if it really boosts my energy, but the bright scent lifts my mood and makes me feel refreshed. the Sensual lotion, with jasmine and vanilla, is another favorite. It smells a little strong at first, but the way it smells after being on my skin for awhile is wonderful. It's soft, relaxing, and soothing.

The Body shop honestly carries the best body butters to exist! They are so moisturizing without being greasy, but they are pricey (around $21 a piece for the medium size). I bought mine during the Buy 3 Get 3 Free event (don't worry, 4 were gifts!). That same sale is currently happening, so now is a great time to stock up if you're also obsessed with body butters. Hands down, the Satsuma Body Butter is my favorite. Satsuma is the store's scent - they burn a satsuma candle and I love it. I also bought the Strawberry Body Butter, which definitely smells more like an artificial strawberry (but I love it). As gifts, I also picked up Mango, Shea Butter, another Satsuma, and Indian Night Jasmine!

During my most recent trip to Lush, I picked these two little pots up. The first one is a Charity Pot, a lotion that donates 100% of the proceeds to a charity! I didn't pick mine out, the associate just handed me one when I asked about it. I didn't realize when I purchased it, but the Charity Pots donate to over 600 charities! I keep this small pot in my purse so I know I have a trusty lotion on me. The scent is light and clean, which is also important to me. This cleanser, Angels on Bare Skin, is so nice. I was expecting it to be a scrub and was surprised at how gentle it was until I noticed it's a cleanser, not a scrub (I don't know how I mixed that up). The cleanser is dry until you take a small pinch out, mix a little bit of water in it, and use it on your skin. It can be a little messy, so I definitely wouldn't use it over the sink, just in the shower. It smells natural, clean, with hints of lavender, and really love how it makes my skin feel. It doesn't dry my skin out or have that chemical smell that drugstore cleansers have. This is without doubt going to be a repurchase! 

Those are my current favorite skin and body products! Let me know if you use any of these products, and what your favorite products are! I'm always looking for good recommendations!


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