Monday, November 3, 2014

Dos and Don'ts of Healthy Hair

I love my hair. I do my best to keep it healthy, soft, and pretty! Honestly, keeping my hair healthy isn't that hard, especially after developing these habits. Having soft and healthy hair makes me feel confident and really great about my days (is that cheesy? cuz it's true). I've been really proud of my hair. Even before I chopped it all off, it was pretty healthy and easy to work with. These five habits are easy ways to keep and maintain healthy hair - you can start today!

Don't brush wet hair  ||  Brushing wet hair can be one of the worst things you can do to it! Hair is extra elastic when wet, so brushing can cause it to stretch, break, and come frizzy. Yuck! Instead, let your hair air dry for as long as possible, then gently comb through, starting at the ends.

Do brush your hair before you shower  ||  Ever since I started brushing my hair when it's dry before I shower, my hair has become so much more manageable! It makes washing, conditioning, and combing (see above) so much easier and causes less breakage.

Do use hair masks every once in awhile  ||  DIY hair masks are an easy way to quench dry hair. My favorite and easiest mask is is coconut oil. Put a little bit (a little goes a long way!) of coconut oil all through your hair. The trick to not having oily hair after is simple: shampoo your hair before you get it wet!

Don't shampoo your hair every single day  || Washing your hair every day is another terrible thing you can do to your locks. Shampoo dries out hair like crazy, drying out all of your hair's natural oils! Skip a day or two between washes (or more, if you can!). Your hair might get really oily really fast, but after a couple of weeks of skipping days, your scalp will regulate it's oil production. Drying out your hair causes your scalp to overcompensate oil production, which is why it gets oiler, faster!

Don't condition your roots  ||  Conditioning your roots builds up unwanted oils on your scalp, causing hair to get greasy much faster. Instead, condition locks below the your chin and let sit for a couple of minutes. I like to brush my teeth in the shower while my conditioner does its magic!

Do use leave in conditioner  ||  Leave in conditioner is my best friend. It adds a softness to hair that lasts all day, helps with frizziness, and prevents knotting! I put mine it when it's still damp and long before I comb it. It really makes a difference!

What do you do to keep healthy, manageable hair?

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